Monday, August 9, 2010

love 4 a hypocrite

i feel like a hypocrite
like i am torn in two
between what i am doing
and what i know i should do

but i dont feel the fire?
i dont feel the flame?
i dont want to do what is right
out of the rules or law
but when i am moved by the spirit
and i am ready for more

Your Word and Your Spirit
not just words i want to use
i need a revelation
i need You

but while i am broken
i am still at peace
because i know You died for and love
the hypocrite in me

the august wind

as the wind is blowing
it is clearing all my thoughts
i drown in my imagination
and see you standing with a torch

looking for your light
i am crawling through the darkness
angels fall around me
as demons take a bite

my cries sounds so hollow
nobody can hear or understanding
while i am looking for the light
i need a helping hand