Monday, September 27, 2010

I run to You

Lord I am helpless and You are my help
I am broken and You make me whole
You give me a still awareness of You
You give me quiet peace
...I run to You

with open arms You embrace me
You hold me in Your arms
and sing me a song of Love
I was faithless but You gave me faith
I was lost but now I am found

You birthed a purpose in my heart
A love for all mankind
You fix my butterfly wings
and I can fly

I can't promise that I won't fall
I am flaud, my mistakes are plenty
A sinner saved by Your grace
but I do promise
to never give up
to hold unto You
of Your hand I will not let go

Friday, September 24, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010


discovering me
scary but free
single is how
i like to be

no silly little fights
no does or dont's
whenever i want
i pack my bags and go

i,m not looking for a man
so stop telling me to
go out and find someone new

i dont do relationships
i,m not looking for mr. right
but that doesn't mean
i dont have love in my life

slow motion suicide

your holding the devil in your hand
slow motion suicide
your children doesn't understand

lying on the floor
your wife picks you up
and pray once more

when must we let go of this hope that springs
holding on with faith as thin as a string

waag n bietjie

kom ons speel langs n afgrond
net ek en jy
hou my net vas
as my voet wil gly

kom ons gaan swem in riviere
en dans op strande rond
hardloop in die reen
en word siels gesond

twee aparte harte
trek na mekaar
niks kan dit keer nie
die chemistry is daar

no I can't call you superman

when i was 17

i looked at you and saw superman

through all my pain and my tears

you held my hand

when i was 18

i saw batman

cause you held me

and took me to another land


where did i lose you?

was there to many things

we had to go through

no more emotion

no more flame

only the biterness remained











then You take my hand and capture me

You show me You, and let me be

You hold me tight

never let me fall

You rescue me from the storm

You keep me safe

let me rise above

You cover me with Your never ending love

Extravagant dimensions of Your love fall on me

It roots me, grounds me and sets me free

It is to much - to wide and deep

for me to understand

You gave me Your Son

I will take Your hand

I will reach out for Your fullness

and live a full life

a life of LOVE

following Christ

And I pray that all my friends

will be filled with Your divine Presence

help them understand

nothing can seperate them

or tare them

from the love of our awesome God

or out of His hands

fairy dust

I wave my magic wand
And say goodbye
Take my fairy wings
And away I fly

I have loads of buckets
To catch all my tears
I chase the new rainbows
Without any fears

Traces of fairy dust
I leave on your face
The touch of your hand
Will leave a trace

But goodbyes are forever
A broken mirror is just that
No way to ever fix’s the cracks