Friday, December 17, 2010

In today's world your average life would go something like this:
-get a degree
-get a good job
-date a few guys or girls
-define your life by relationships
-have a kid
-get married
-clean the dishes
-clean the house
-offer your life up for your children
-have a mid-life crisis wondering why you never did the things you wanted

However tempting that may sound, it is not the pattern that I want for my life.
I am a so called free spirit that was born with an implanted need for fire, for passion, for adventure and the unknown. I want to travel to different countries and get lost in different cultures. I want to take Bibles to Africa and care for the people in my everyday life...My biggest fear is living and ordinary life. I can only pray that God will guide me into the direction that He wants me to go. To impact a generation, be a history maker and leave a mark. And maybe someday when I am ready I will be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making food and doing the dishes...but even then I will do it in my levi jeans, because I want to and with PASSION...

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  1. No lie. You basically described me. & I have not come across many people with these views. My GREATEST fear is an unlived life. That it will be ordinary. I want to travel the world, pursue my passion. I don't care about getting married-- although one day I would like to adopt. Maybe. One day. Far in the future. I can't cook. I'd make the worst housewife ever. & I too want to take Bibles to Africa and care for people and just love.

    & I pray God guides us in this direction in both of our lives. ♥