Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Holy Spirit

You are my best friend and Lover. You are the one I can trust in when everything else has failed and I return to You yet again.
You never get tired of me and my mistakes. You forgive me and pull me close.

I am never alone. Intimacy with You is the number one longing of my heart, how i yearn to know You more. I want so much just to sit in Your presence and just love. Because You are LOVE

You talk to me all the time but sometimes I choose to hear my own voice. Please, please help me discern Your voice and be sencitive to it.

I pray for a mind that is outside of the box. Why do people want to limit You to their imaginations and what they think You are? You are so so so much more than we can ever imagine, think, dream or comprehend. The vastness of You blow my mind. I do not want to try and understand You I just want to BELIEVE.

It feels like coming home. Everytime I think of You or pray. I feel safe, content with peace overflowing. Knowing that everything will be okay. Knowing that evertyhing will flow out of my intimacy with You. If I seek You first, If I follow Your voice evertyhing will fall into place.

Thank You for loving me

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