Sunday, June 20, 2010


I hate it when you hurt her
with the stupid things you say and do
when you look to deep into the bottle
it shows in the things you do

you are supposed to be my hero
my example of a man
is this what you are doing
really all that you can?

you hurt me with your words
and if you fall over you feet
take another pill
and drift right of to sleep

while you wallow in your dellusion of hapiness
and shutting us all outside
we watch from the sidelines
and something in us dies

You call me a failure
but this i say to you
while this monster is eating
i will not stop praying for you
and we pick you up off the floor one more time

only a shadow of what you can be
sometimes i see a small glimpse of light
i run with hope and desperation
but once again lose the fight
the monster wins again

Everyone asks me:
why do you not trust a man?
and never stay to long?
the above words should answer your questions
can you prove me wrong

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